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SRA Award

Turl Street Kitchen is a social enterprise. All profit we generate goes to support the work of the Oxford Hub, our sister charity based upstairs in 16-17 Turl Street.

We do our best to create a genuinely warm environment which serves healthy, fresh, seasonal, affordable food, and is embedded within the community in various ways. We make a big effort to be sustainable and respectful in a number of areas (and are 3 star SRA rated!), primarily:

Sourcing: where does our food come from?

Waste: how do we dispose of our food and our waste materials?

Procurement: where are our other items coming from? How much of our items are reclaimed and what can we do to close our loops?

Community: how does what we do benefit the community which we are a part of? That means all of us working together and collaborating to make this venue a living, breathing space which really is good food doing good.

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