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We use some great local suppliers and we’d encourage you to get in contact with them if you can; some run veg box schemes and others can be found at the farmers’ market. Here’s some info:


Our eggs are produced by F.A.I (Food Animal Initiative) at the University Farm in Wytham. They are from organic, free-range flocks that have access to large grassy paddocks. The FAI ensures the best welfare standards possible, including keeping flock sizes small, giving birds plenty of space indoors and outdoors, providing extra perching space and dust baths for preening and scratching so birds can behave naturally.

Veg, Lamb and Pork

Charles and Sue Bennett run Sandy Lane Farm in Tiddington Oxfordshire. They grow a wide range of organic veg, and also keep pigs, sheep and horses. Charles and Sue sell their veg every other week at the East Oxford Farmers’ and Community Market, and run a weekly cooperative market at their farm, selling a wide range of organic and local veg, meat, fruit, jams, cakes, bread and flowers.


Cultivate Oxford are a co-operative social enterprise owned by the community and dedicated to local food in and around Oxford. They believe that strengthening our local food system also empowers our communities, increases the resilience of our local economy, protects our natural environment, promotes health and wellbeing and enriches our culture. They grow fruit and vegetables without artificial pesticides and fertilisers on 10 acres of land just outside Oxford. You can volunteer! Check out cultivateoxford.org

Started by Chris Crewe-Read, the Adlestrop Game and Meat Company has been sourcing the finest Cotswold produce since 2008. Partridge, pheasants and pigeons come from local shoots, and rabbits and hares are plucked from keepers' bags. They are also very proud of their fantastic venison and Chris' homemade sausages.


Founded in 1902, by the famous naturalist Arthur Severn, to stock the local rivers and streams with the native Brown Trout it now covers 15 acres in one of the most beautiful valleys in the Cotswolds, the Coln Valley. The crystal clear waters of the Bibury Spring provide the essential pure water required to run the hatchery which spawns up to 6 million trout ova every year.

Seafood (and assorted oddments…)

Based in Gloucestershire, New Wave Seafood provide the bulk of our fresh fish. Though it’s driven all the way from market in Cornwall, New Wave are MSC certified and aim to source line-caught fish from small day-boats. They also manage to find us a range of Cotswold foraged products and other tasty bits and bobs on their travels.

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